08-07-2018 Cousins Time In New England

On August 7, 2018, Samantha, Hailey, Mike and I headed up to New England for our Annual Cousins Time events. So many happy teens and preteens when we finally arrived at our first stop. Mike and I stayed in a lovely AirBnB just down the street from Jennifer’s and we were within easy commute. Surprisingly, the weather in Rhode Island was almost no better than the weather here in Charlotte. Hot and Humid. That Friday, we all headed to York Beach, Maine after picking Heather up at the airport. What a surprise .. Temps were 65 and rain …the entire time we were there. We met up with Barbara, Scott and their Maddie and Olivia and the kids had a great time. We finished up our journey with dinner at Barbara and Scott’s and gave the kids more cousins time with Maddie and Olivia. Back in Rhode Island the kids were off to more pool and beach along with the water slide for the back yard. Somehow our 10 days flew by and before we knew it we were home. Now we have another year of school and waiting until the next cousins visit.

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