2016 Cousins Time

It’s that time of the year again. August 3rd came along and we headed north to Rhode Island and New Hampshire and the girls added another state to their collection. Our flight arrived late and we arrived at Terry and Jim’s to find the crew waiting for us. The kids were joyful and so happy to be back together again. I would have guaranteed that by the time we headed home you could have rung the girls out they were so water logged. Pools and oceans every day we were gone.

The pictures tell most of the story … Connor had his 14th birthday party and for the younger generation Jennifer rented a water slide bouncy house for 24 hours. They had an amazing time and were joined by Cameron’s friends Eddie and Kendra. A trip to York Beach Maine was on the agenda for this time around and we spent three fabulous days (and I ended up with sunburnt feet) at the beach. The Anchorage Inn not only had the ocean right there but three swimming pools so the kids, joined by Barbara and Scott along with Olivia and Maddie, had a blast. Connor came along on the trip and the girls felt what it was like to have a big brother even when he dawned Hailey’s mermaid tail in one of the pools.

We came back to Nashua to the Hampton Inn and were joined by Barbara, Scott and the girls for a pool party and supper. More water time for them all. We stayed in Nashua to spend time with Barbara and family and Beth joined us for supper one night. Also had a wonderful Chinese dinner at Lilac Blossom (Charlotte is not great on ethnic restaurants) with Barbara and Scott.

Barbara, the girls, Mike and I headed for Boston on a Sunday to find my grandmother’s grave. Unfortunately the Registry House was closed and we hunted all around the area we thought she was supposed to be in. We must have walked all around the grave site without finding it. The girls, Barbara and Mike walked up and down aisle after aisle. Turns out when Mike and I and the girls stopped on our way back to RI the next day we found it quickly. I had a little bit of Mother’s ashes left so we dug a small hole and buried at the base of the headstone where her Mother and grandparents were buried.

Back in Rhode Island for one night while the kids had a grand time for Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday and then we were back on a plane for home. Tears and sad good byes and why couldn’t we all live closer brought us all heartache and they are all looking forward to next April so that Jenn and family can come to NC for a week. The girls were tired as were we but the managed to stay up for several more hours regaling their Mother with their adventures. So below is our story in pictures. Enjoy.

Some of the pictures I share came from Barbara and Jennifer as they add even more to the story of a great two weeks.

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