2018 NC Grand Assembly June 24-27

On June 24th Charlotte Assembly No. 91 (Linda Whitener, MA, Board Members Kelley Yonkers Cernak, Monica Kirby and myself) and members Kylie Whitman WA, Abby Buker, WAA and Hope Zoe Kirby) loaded up and headed to the North Raleigh Hilton three hours away for North Carolina’s 81st Grand Assembly Session of Growth and Discovery under the leadership of Grand Worthy Advisor Haley Deese. Our girls served the session in the Grand Choir, as Ushers and Pages. Sunday afternoon was rehearsal time followed by a Church and Memorial Service on Sunday evening and then a dance and refreshments. Monday during the day was filled with rehearsals, meetings, Judging Grand Rep costumes a and Grand Cross of Color degree and luncheon. Monday evening brought our informal opening and presentation of honored guests.

Tuesday morning was formal opening, an initiation of new members, Majority Service and Appointments. Miss Grace Finley was elected Grand Worthy Associate Advisor and will be working with Summer Clifford the new Grand Worthy Advisor to be installed Tuesday evening. Our own Zoe Kirby, Jr. Past Worthy Advisor for Charlotte Assembly was appointed Grand Representative to New Hampshire (my home state as you all know) and Ohio. Installation was held Tuesday night and we headed for home Wednesday. morning.

We all had a grand time and are looking forward to our visit to Hogwarts in July for the first Official Visit of Summer as our new GWA. Our Mother Advisor was sorted into the Ravenclaw House for the coming year and our goal is centered around air. I guess there will be a lot of people becoming familiar with Harry Potter.

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