Charlotte Assembly 91 Constitution

Charlotte Assembly No. 91
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

January 26, 2019

Charlotte Assembly No. 91 met on Saturday, January 26, 2019 for the Constitution of the Assembly. Those present were

Mrs. Kay Letterman, Supreme Inspector and Supreme Charity as Constituting Officer, Mrs. Dannielle Willard as Constituting Recorder, Miss Emily Willard PGWA as Constituting Chaplain and Miss Kaitlyn Kubacki PGWA as Constituting Drill Leader.

Kiley Whitman, Worthy Advisor
Ashley Lusk, Worthy Associate Advisor
Zoe Kirby, Charity
AJ Riviera, Faith (Not a Charter Member)
Samantha Yoke
Hailey Yoke

Monica Kirby, Mother Advisor
Brian Kirby
Linda Whitener Jr. Past Mother Advisor
Ron Whitener
Kitty Whitman Majority Member Charlotte Assembly No. 1
Marc Whitman
Judy Trest PMA New Hampshire and California
Mike Trest
Charlene Oldenburg Past Grand Representative to Kentucky from Illinois
Kelley Yonkey Past Grand Treasurer from Arizona
Stephen White, Grand Royal Patron, Order of the Amaranth in North Carolina

Those not in attendance but on the Charter are Annalise Harris, Emily Harris, Amy Harris, Emily Auld, Kallie Buker, Abby Buker, Lara Evans and Alexa Ross.

We were joined on the sidelines by Michelle Lusk PGWA SC & VA, Grand Deputy of Las Vegas #9 and Henderson #LT and coDirector of Membership in Nevada., Linda Schneider-Harlan Honeycutt Mizpath Chapter OES, JoAnn Harris Webb Past Grand Officer from Florida, Mrs. Vickie Shue, Mother Advisor (RAL04); Beverly Kubacki Mother Advisor (ALB32), Worship Master of James K. Polk Masonic Lodge Randy Richardson,

After the Constituting Ceremony, Jr. PMA Linda Whitener presented the sign made by PM Brian Kirby that will be placed on the outside of the building. Mrs. Monica Kirby presented Linda Whitener with her Past Mother Advisor’s pin and Miss Linda presented Monica with her Mother Advisor’s Traveling Jewel. Miss Zoe Kirby Jr. PWA then presented Kylie Whitman with the Worthy Advisor’s Traveling Jewel.

The Ceremony concluded with refreshments in the dining room.

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