Chilhuly-Biltmore June 12, 2018

We first learned that Chihuly would be coming to the Biltmore back during our visit in mid November. Decided to renew our annual pass for another year. Have been waiting for school to get out here in Charlotte so that Samantha and Hailey and their friend Maira could join Brittany, Mike and I for our trip to see the exhibit. Yesterday, June 12th, we headed to Asheville for our adventure. Poked my head out the door first thing and it was chilly so decided I could put makeup on and bring a sweat jacket.

Well with lunch at IHOP we finally made it to the Estate about 2pm. Kind of late for us. The weather felt delightful to start with … but despite the temps in the low 70s the humidity was high and we were all feeling it pretty quickly. The girls faded faster than we did.

Enjoyed all our time in the gardens seeing the flowers and sculptures and in the end the girls opted to skip the Farm because they were exhausted. However before walking back down through the gardens the girls decided they had to have ice cream and relax.

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