Chris & Sarah’s Wedding

June 26, 2009

Mike and I represented the Charlotte branch of the family and journeyed up to NH for Sarah and Chris’ wedding. We arrived in great time on Thursday the 25th of June and easily picked up our rental car and checked into our B&B. We had just enough time to change and then head for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner after picking Mother up. On Friday we visited with Mother for a bit and then had lunch with Mother Healey before heading for the Wedding at 6pm. With God’s Tears of Joy at 2pm we kept our fingers crossed and had sunshine by the time of the ceremony at 6pm. It was a wonderful wedding and reception.

The pictures come from multiple cameras which will put them slightly out of order. I had one, Mike had another and I have pictures from Jennifer mixed in there as well. The light was not good in the Barn (Chris with Scott’s help and lots more besides) turned the Barn into a great place for the wedding rehearsal dinner and dancing for the wedding. Because of the poor lighting the films especially did not come out well. It is also almost 10 min. so only if you feel daring.

On Saturday the family got together for a cookout in the afternoon and then we relaxed for a while and snacked at Barbara’s on Sunday before heading for the airport.

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