Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens 12-15-18 & 12/22

On what had been a couple of very rainy days we headed out to Daniel Stowe for our annual visit to see the Christmas Lights with Samantha, Hailey, and Maira. Fortunately the rain had stopped but we started our walk in heavy fog that eventually cleared out. Here are a few pictures from our night with the girls. Then because many of the lights were not lit, I stopped and complained at the front desk and they gave us 5 freebie tickets. So the following Friday we headed out with Brittany (who had recovered from her flu) and Abby who was able to join us the second time around. The girls had a great time and were reported all over the gardens as Brittany joined us in our amble through the lights. Everyone got to see the arcing fountain working but me. Missed it both nights. Oh well. The rain had stopped and we had a good time both nights.

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