Girls NH Trip 08-18-08

An Us Girls Trip to New Hampshire to see Family and Friends.
August 12 – August 18, 2008

Heather, Brittany, Samantha, Hailey and I set out for New Hampshire bnght and early on the morning of the 12th to spend time with family and friends in New Hampshire. I had one side trip to New Hampshire Grand Chapter OES on Saturday morning where I had a chance to be with many friends but the rest of the time was spent with family and my Mother’s 5 Great Grandchildren: Brittany (18), Connor (6), Samantha (4), Casey (3) and Hailey (20 months). It was fun seeing the 5 all together but especially the younger 4 were like a tornado through Terry and Jim’s house the entire time they were together. My Mother got a very warm and loving reception from Samantha and Hailey and it was great to see Jen’s two (Connor and Casey) and watch the younger ones play together watched over by a crew of adults and Sissy (Brittany). My pictures (and there are many and a few even with me in them) are followed by some from Barbara and Heather. Unfortunately are visited was marred by the death of Kiera Guild – the 23 year old daughter of Barbara’s best friend. She died on the 11th in a car crash on Route 101 in Milford New Hampshire. The newspaper headline read “‘She had a way of creating kindness”. Kiera and her family were kindness and love personified in their deeds and actions throughout the Milford Area and I know a lot of hearts went out to them with Love and Sympathy. (Kiera is the young lady in the green dress).

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