Impromptu LA Visit 7/20/17

An impromptu fubar LA trip that started with sudden reservations on a Sunday night for Monday morning, lost car reservation in LA, (first car needed maintenance and they had to send it back for another). No hotel until we had been on the ground for two hours.. Then Mike was only supposed to work one day and ended up working all three days.

The highlights of the trip were dinner the first night with Frank and Laura, the second night with Tom and Kay and the third night a trip to PRT to see one of their plays. Marvelous as always. Oh yes … we could see the Disneyland fireworks from our hotel window so that’s all I got for pictures as I was stuck in the hotel all three days.

Then we go to change planes in Phoenix to come home and get stuck on the ground 4 hours because it’s too hot to fly. Literally. The plane was packed to capacity and they had to off load about 50,000 lbs. 25 people took other options and by the time it was over we managed to get out of there and home by 11pm.

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