Knighted Knights Templar from Charlotte Commandery #2. 10/09/19

Newly Knighted Knights Templar from Charlotte Commandery #2. This was at the public ceremony at the end of the night in Jamestown, N.C. at Castle McCulloch on October 9, 2019.  The term York Rite is a term most often used in the United States of America to refer to a collection of Masonic degrees that, in most other countries, are conferred separately. As such, it constitutes one of the two main branches of Masonic Appendant Bodies in United States Freemasonry, which a Master Mason may join to further his knowledge of Freemasonry. Its name is derived from the city of York, where, according to a Masonic legend, the first meetings of Masons in England took place, although only the lectures of the York Rite College make reference to that legend.

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