Mike’s 50th HS Reunion

On October 1st Mike and I headed for Morehead City, NC for his 50th High School Reunion. It was special not only because it was the 50th but because the Class of ’63 was the last class to graduate from Morehead City High School.

We started off the reunion with an all classes luncheon at The Sanitary, a seafood restaurant on the waterfront. There were attendees at this luncheon from classes as far back as 1940s. Among those attending was Mike’s Aunt Carol Pelletier who we managed to spend a little time chatting with. We had hoped to spend more time with her later in the week but it didn’t work out. The principal of Mike’s High School was there as well. He is now 91 and everyone was very happy to see him.

Thursday night we had a BBQ at Phil Munden’s barn. Phil had passed away a few months earlier but had all the plans in place for the Reunion BBQ. Here Mike got his class picture taken and it was a more informal atmosphere than the large gathering at The Sanitary.

Our final event was a fish fry at Fort Macon though a few of the attendees at the previous events were already on their way home.

In between events Mike and I spent some time at the beach, took a short boat ride around the nearby Islands (Shackleford Banks was closed due to the Federal Shutdown and the one place I really wanted to see. It is the “other” horse populated island amongst the Outer Banks chain of islands). We did manage to catch three horses grazing on the island but couldn’t land there.

Just prior to the events Mike learned for the first time that one of his classmates was actually a cousin. Their grandmothers’ were sisters and all the years they went to school together they never knew they were related.

We also had time to catch up with two other cousins: Carol’s daughters Lisa and Lynn. We first met up with Lisa at The Morehead City Historical Society and spent time with her there and then later at their home. Family spent a lot of time talking about the Pelletier family history in the Morehead City area and the number of families in the area that were related. Co-incidentally enough Lynn and Lisa both own homes on what was once the original Pelletier plantation back a few hundred years ago. Lisa is very into the geneology of the family and how closely related so many of the families in Morehead City are.

We had a great time while we were gone and Saturday noon time made the long trek back to Charlotte (6 hour drive … no direct route to Morehead City from Charlotte).

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