New England – August 2015

On July 29th Samantha, Hailey, Grampa and I headed for Providence, RI by plane. Brittany in the meantime set out on a long car drive to RI with a stop in Maryland to visit her friend Shelby. We arrived later that evening (Brittany the next evening) and were as always greeted with love and hugs. The girls (Samantha, Hailey and Casey) had been apart for a year but watching them throughout our trip was heart warming and a wonderful experience. Brittany added to our family being there with her wonderful sense of humor and loving care.

Our highlights were time with my Mother (NOT ENOUGH) along with a pool party at the Hampton Inn in Nashua (which Mother attended)(sadly Maddie and Olivia were sick) and also an overnight with Godmother (Jean Healey) at Karen and Ro’s place, a sailing trip and picnic with Mike at the helm and a trip to Canobie Lake Park on the water in Salem, NH. We had a great time and met up with Ronilee there. A fantastic day and gorgeous weather.

Catch of short video at the bottom of the swim teams doing their thing … especially the short routine put on by Casey and Samantha.

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Sailing in Newport, RI

Cousins Time

Gymnastics Time in the Yard

Godmother (Mother Healey)

Time with Mother and Pool Party at the Hampton Inn

Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH.

Swim Ballet and Traditional Cousins Cake

On the evening of August 7th we headed back to Charlotte and home. Heather missed the girls and Magic missed us. Brittany arrived home Saturday evening after an overnight stop in Maryland again with Shelby.

Through the years we’ll all
be family wherever we may be.
Now its time to say goodbye
to all our family.
See you real soon
Why? because we love you

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