New Hampshire with Family and Cousins and Godmother

We arrived in New Hampshire and had a great lunch at Friendlys.. I do miss that place. Then headed to our hotel. Unfortunately our rooms weren’t quite ready so we had a bit of a wait and were late picking up great Grammie (my Mother) and getting to my sister Barbara’s place. Our dinner was in the barn between the rainfall but all four girls made good use to the younger girls rideable toys. Despite the difference in ages (Maddie Mae 3 and Olivia 1) they got along great. It was wonderful to have another cousin experience. Maybe someday we can get them all together.

Cookouts courtesy of Barbara and Scott or dinner at Mother’s (brought in by Barbara) and lunches with my Mother were all part of the great experience. They girls had plenty of playtime with and without Maddie and Olivia (Chris and Sarah’s two – Barbara’s granddaughters) and Great Grammie time and a visit with Godmother and all her Teddy Bears. They spent most mornings in the pool at the hotel and loved having it available so much of the time we were at the hotel. Mike even spent hours working amidst the humid chlorine smell while I ran errands with my Mother. We had some dinner time with Nephew Chris and Sarah along with Niece Beth and enjoyed the chance we had to see them. Wish it could have been more but with their jobs it made it harder. We were thankful for the time we spent with Barbara and Scott along with Olivia and Maddie. Loved seeing Chris and Sarah’s new home coming along and were delighted when they finally were able to move in. Chris did an outstanding job of turning an uncleared piece of land into a marvelous home for him and his family. I know Sarah’s help and input could be felt throughout.

We took a trip out to a place called Family Farm and the girls (Barbara & family.. Maddie and Olivia) all had a blast. Lots of farm animals to interact with from a chicken and goat pen where the kids could actually pick up the critters and a place where they could gently hold some baby chicks. They also got to feed a calf and a baby goat and got their hands sucked like a pacifier by the calf. We had a nice lunch there outdoors with the animals.

We also had a picnic supper (provided with Barbara and Scott) out at McDowell Dam in Peterborough while the girls (Sammy, Hailey, Maddie and Olivia) played in a chilly lake. Mother kept warm in her chair with her coat while we watched the kids play and talked. A gusty wind and disappearing sun made it a shorter trip than we wanted but it was fun for all. And our last night in New Hampshire unfortunately.

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