NH 08-2011

Our Family Trip to New Hampshire – August 18-23 2011

On the 17th of August we picked up Samantha and Hailey for the night and then on Thurs morning we headed for the airport to fly Jet Blue to Boston, picked up our rental car and headed for our hotel in Nashua and supper at Barbara’s. Sammy flew out of the car when we arrived at Aunt Barbara’s and straight into Great Grammie’s arms for a hug and kiss. Had a wonderful time visiting with family, swimming in the hotel pool, (even using the fitness room at the hotel), visiting with Godmother, a trip to Rhode Island to see my brother Jimmy and his family … There’s also a movie of the kids in RI all on the trampoline, Hailey and Great Grammie and the girls in the pool. We came home on the 23rd to find a hurricane predicted for the Carolinas and as we were boarding our plane … got news of the earthquake in Virginia which shut down all the FAA towers on the East Coast.

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