NH-Feb 2013

On February 21st Mike and I headed to New Hampshire to spend time with family and also to see the head of Endocrinology at Boston Medical Center for my thyroid. We arrived at our hotel and got to bed by 2am that Friday and were up and off first thing in the morning to pick up Mother and take her to Cracker Barrel and then down to visit her life long friend Judy Dow. We ended up at my sister Barbara’s to see her and the family and the Maddie Mae and Olivia. Saturday was a trip to Rhode Island with the threat of snow (fortunately we planned for it and had a 4 wheel drive) (was raining when we got on the road to come home) and enjoyed a visit with my Brother Jimmy and wife Terry along with Jen, Patrick and the kids. Sunday we awoke to major snow and headed to my Mother’s for some time and then went off with Barbara to take snow pictures and ended up at Cathedral of the Pines in Ringe, NH. Monday was quieter with lunch with Mother Healey, Tuesday an 8am Drs. appt in Boston and back on a plane at 7am for a trip home. Boy what I lot we did in such a short time. Anyway enjoy the pictures and the movie is on the long side (Cameron doing Zumba and at home with Maddie and Olivia).

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