Nov 3, 2015 25th Wedding Anniversary

Mike and I made plans to spend our 25th Anniversary Celebration in Vancouver BC with our friends Patty and Ty. Patty’s massive brain hemorrhage the end of September changed our plans around a bit. On November 1st we flew to Vancouver, BC, picked up our rental car and headed for Seattle to visit with Ty and Patty. Confused the border guards no end. We spent a delightful 3 days with them at their home and had a wonderful dinner for our Anniversary on November 3rd.

Wednesday morning we said good-bye and headed north to Vancouver where we again had confused border guards. Our B&B The English Bay Inn was wonderful and they served fantastic breakfasts each morning we were there. Our fellow guests varied over the 5 breakfasts we shared with them … some from other parts of Canada and others from Washington State. Besides the great breakfasts we shared great conversation with our host and the other guests.

Vancouver is very much a public transportation area with little parking. We were lucky to have a reserved space at the English Bay as they have 3 spaces for 5 rooms. Others parked as much as a couple of blocks away. Our lodging was only a few blocks from the English Bay and Stanley Park.

Designated a national historic site of Canada, Stanley Park is a magnificent green oasis in the midst of the heavily built urban landscape of Vancouver.

We explored this West Coast rainforest and enjoy scenic views of water, mountains, sky, and majestic trees along Stanley Park’s famous Seawall. There were miles of trails, beautiful beaches, local wildlife, great eats, natural, cultural and historical landmarks, along with many other adventures.

The sun peaked out toward the end of our time in the park and we headed for the Granville Island Public Market. The Public Market is the jewel in the Island’s crown. A fascinating assortment of colourful stalls, showcasing unique homemade products and the very finest in gastronomic delights. All fresh from the ocean, the oven or the field. Try closing your eyes right now and imagine the rich aromas permeating from the lavish displays. Shimmering seafood, warm baked goods, plump fruit. If any of you have ever been to Seattle’s fish market you will know exactly what we mean. We wandered through the Market Area and loved the variety of fresh foods and desserts. Would have been a good place to be able to bring food home from. Alas!

We spent a day just wandering around North Vancouver toward the mountains and then throughout the city. It was a rainy day so it seemed like a keep dry option. Saturday we headed out to see the new James Bond movie in the absolutely torrential downpour and then moved on to the Bloedel Conservatory.

Bloedel Conservatory: It is a domed lush paradise located in Queen Elizabeth Park atop the City of Vancouver’s highest point. More than 200 free-flying exotic birds, 500 exotic plants and flowers thrive within its temperature-controlled environment. It was a warm and colorful environment to escape the rain.

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is renowned for its displays of world arts and cultures, in particular works by First Nation band governments of the Pacific Northwest. Many exhibits of the vast carved poles found in the homes of the First Nation Band Governments were on display towering over us as we walked through the galleries.

Lynn Canyon Park is a 617-acre forest with hiking trails & swimming holes, highlighted by a scenic suspension bridge. It was really hard getting pictures of the rushing waters because of the fools who delighted in bouncing up and down on the bridge as it swayed over the rushing water.

The weather was not the most welcoming and it was the wrong time of year to wander through the many gardens but we found enough to keep us entertained

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