RI Visitors April 21-26 2016

Terry, Jim, Jennifer, Casey and Cameron arrived on April 21st and the fun began. Samantha and Hailey stayed home from school and went to pick everyone up at the airport with us. They were all tired starting with a 5:30am flight so it was a day of relaxing. James, Greta, Brittany and Heather came and went as schedules allowed and James and Greta hosted a BBQ on Saturday night. Jennifer took all the kids (including Samantha’s friend Maira) to Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday night and arrived home on Sunday to celebrate birthdays (Me, Casey, Mike, Jimmy) and Greta and James’ Anniversary. Monday after Jennifer fixed pancakes for breakfast the three of us ladies headed for The Biltmore and Mike and Jimmy took the kids to Discovery Place where they continued to have a blast.

Needless to say Monday night arrived too soon and Samantha and Hailey went home with Heather. So many tears at parting. On early Tuesday morning everyone else departed for their flight back to Rhode Island. We were sorry to see them go after a delightful group of days together. Missing was my sister Barbara and her granddaughters but we will see them in August. I know they would have had a good time with the rest of the kids and Barbara with our wonderful days.

We couldn’t have asked for a better time weather wise with perfect temperatures. We sat out on the patio all day and into late evenings when we had nothing else on our plates and enjoyed the perfect weather with the wind chimes giving us beautiful music. Now when I hear the wind chimes I will think of Terry. She so enjoyed sitting out on the patio and listening to them constantly ringing.

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