Spring Break April 2019 Luray and DC

On April 14th we gathered up the girls (Samantha, Hailey and Maira) and headed up to Luray Caverns in Northern Virginia. Heavy rain, accidents, and flooding slowed us down and we finally arrived. We overnighted in Luray and spent the morning on a tour of the Caverns. The girls were really excited about seeing them. After spending the time at Luray we headed up to Washington, DC to see the Museums which unfortunately the girls didn’t really appreciate. But Mike and I enjoyed seeing them though and I had to stop by the Lincoln Memorial. Heading home was another unexpectedly long drive with a stop at the Natural Bridge north of Roanoke and tire issues which caused us to backtrack 30 miles to get it fixed. Left DC at 10am and we finally arrived home at 10pm. Had a good time and it was great to have a taste of the brisk air vs our humidity down here. Settling down to Easter then Mother’s Day and some Amaranth and Lodge Travel then we will see what comes next.

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