05-11-13 Discovery Place

On the 10th of May 2013 we picked up Samantha and Hailey for a Friday night sleepover. They were up bright and early Saturday morning for their favorite breakfast … cheesy eggs and sticky rice. After an unplanned haircut for the girls we were off to Discovery Place here in Charlotte. Lots of hands on learning on all kinds of subjects. They looked at insects through a microscope (butterflies they liked) along with varies other plants. Searched through dirt like a palentologist for shark teeth. They both came up with one but unfortunately Sammy lost hers along the way.. They watched a pig get dissected (I really expected them to leave on that one) and found out what some of the organs in the body look like and then were on to the small aquarium, a 3D short movie and lots of hands on science on the second floor. Newspaper pushing up a chimney and blowing all over the place, static electricity with their hair. Making various colored flames and dry ice amongst lots of other things. After a fun time there we headed for Wendy’s for lunch and then we took the girls home and then headed for home ourselves. Next overnighter will be for a week at the beach … We all can’t wait.

There are also a few flower pictures from the garden taken Friday afternoon.

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