01-13-11 Trip to NH

4″ of snow followed by an ice storm wasn’t enough for Mike and I so we took off for New Hampshire the day after an 18″ storm up north. I learned just how much of a pain in the neck (and hip) dealing with a wheel chair was changing planes – particularily at Reagan National in DC. Useless in the long run. So much for not walking … way too many stairs to climb. (Bursitis in my left hip). We were happy to be able to spend time with the family and we thought my Mother looked great for her age. Brother Jimmy of course remains the best at recess and we got to see our new great niece Maddie. Barbara was flying in many directions and we got to spend time with Mother Healey even if it was only for lunch. I will say that the at the airport in Manchester was outstanding for US Air but the rest of them were terrible. So much for customer service. Just before we left Mother came down with a really bad dose of the “crud” and right after we left it hit Barbara, Scott and Beth. Kept Maddie away and hopefully she has escaped.

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