Kates Skates 01-15-2018 for the Girls

The girls had the 15th off for Martin Luther King Holiday so they had a sleep over at our house on Sunday night and we were off to TCBY and then roller skating on Monday. Samantha and Maira were pretty good after our last trip during Christmas but Hailey really got the hang of it this time around.

Mike ventured onto the floor of the rink in skates and made a single loop around the rink. I eventually decided I would give it a try. Spent a lot of time practicing while Mike took a phone call and when he came back I made three separate trips around the rink. Nothing like 8 years ago when we took Brittany but I made it. What a difference 8 years makes … considering then it had been more like 15 years between times at a roller skating rink back then. Guess it will take lots of trips for me to get back into the hang of it. Boy did I ache by the time we got home.

They now rent out what they call Skate Mates which look like walkers on wheels for the little kids. We decided this time around Hailey could do without it and with help from Samantha and Maira really improved her skating.

Anyway the girls had a great time and we’ll go back again. Next time they want to go ice skating. Not me on that one. Had problems with my ankles as a kid and they are worse now.

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