New England Feb 2014

With a Drs. appointment in Boston on Valentines Day, Mike and I headed for New England. As long as the girls were supposed to have time off days we took them along too. Of course as everyone knows, Charlotte received 8″ of snow and ice on the 11th and 12th along with some on the 13th. Our flights were cancelled late Wednesday night and we scrambled to get on the same flight for the 14th… Made it happen and changed my Drs. appointment to the following Tuesday.

We were up at 3:45am to make a 7:30am flight and allow for bad driving to the airport. 10 minutes before boarding our flight was delayed 45 min. 10 min before boarding the second time they cancelled the flight because they didn’t have a crew. We managed to catch a flight going to Philadelphia and then change to Providence but they changed our gate three times and our flight was delayed an hour. Finally arrived in Philadelphia and fortunately they had tickets for another flight into Providence. We finally arrived at Jim and Terry’s at 4:30pm in the afternoon. The girls were great for all that we went through but we made it!

Saturday we all headed north to New Hampshire to stay overnight and have a pool party with Maddie and Olivia and Grammie B (my sister Barbara). (Jenn Little, Terry and Jim Graney, Larry Stone, along with Mike and I). The kids all had a grand time in the water and played for a couple of hours. After the party we all adjourned to Jenn’s room for a pizza party and time with Great Grammie.

The next morning we headed up to Great Grammie’s and helped her buy a new mattress and box spring for her bed while everyone else headed to Terry’s brother Larry to help him move his belongings to Rhode Island.

Monday was a freebie day and Tuesday Mike and I headed for Boston to see my thyroid dr. and then on to New Hampshire to see Mother Healey and my Mother and spend time with both. We thought we were heading home early (2pm) but the snow was really coming down. A four hour drive back to Rhode Island on Tuesday.

Wednesday was another quiet day and Mike and I headed out to grab some snow pictures and to see Jenn’s wonderful office. Her business is doing great and we are all proud of her. Then Thursday we headed for the airport to come home. Everything this time around was on time though we had to juggle with some accommodating passengers to get seats with the girls. Temp in Charlotte was 73 degrees when we landed and we awoke this morning to major thunderstorms and torrential rain. By 2pm it had all cleared out.

Samantha, Casey and Hailey spent their time playing and having a lot of fun together. A trip with Jenn shopping, supper out and all of them got to see Frozen a second time. It was a great time for the kids. Connor was busy with his own friends and we didn’t see as much of him and Cameron wanted time with his cousins too.

We’re sorry there just wasn’t enough time to get to see Sarah and Chris and their new home. The girls had wanted to see the house finished after seeing it “in progress back in August” and they wanted a little more time with Olivia and Maddie but it just wasn’t in the cards this trip around.

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