Santa’s Workshop & Lights DSBG

On Saturday December 7th we headed out to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens for Santa’s Workshop and their Christmas Lights. Joining Mike and I were Samantha and Hailey (of course) and Brittany and Stacey. I had worried the first of the week as the weatherman predicted a 70% chance of rain but by Friday we were down to a 30-40% chance depending on the weather station. We arrived in time for the sing-along and the arrival of Santa Claus. He settled into his rocker and read the Night Before Christmas.

Next came the craft tables which the girls hit with enthusiasm.. especially the cookie decorating table! They had frosting all over their hands and eventually paint and glue from the other projects. After the crafts we headed in to see Santa Claus. Taking pictures again this year was the usual photographer Greg Briley. He always remembers his favorite redhead and had asked ahead of time if she would be coming. The girls had a long visit with Santa and we picked a great picture … although all the pictures he takes are great. We then headed for a quick dinner and back to the gardens for the lights. Also Greg said he would take a few pictures of the girls for me and what I saw looked great. He is so good at getting them to smile together on cue!

While we were waiting for Greg the girls had a little one-on-one time with Santa and I think they were a little in awe that Santa Claus was talking to them in a different way and walking around with a cup of coffee. Hailey asked where his reindeer were and was told they were in the reindeer barn resting up for the long flight.

We headed out to view the Christmas lights and as always they were gorgeous. Their were fewer designed lights like our favorite hummingbird and more decorated trees and bushes. Saw one display at the start of our walk which reminded me of you Patty… the wine bottles in reds and greens all lit up for Christmas.

We finished off with something to drink inside where it was warm and all were fascinated by the player piano. Stacey had never seen one before and of course the girls hadn’t. This one was computer operated and unlike the older versions with a disk or scrolls.

We had a great time and headed home with the girls on a sugar high and listening to the music from FROZEN.

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